Thursday 30 April 2020

Virtual Final Thursday Reading Series: April 2020

It’s the last Thursday of the month, and that means the Final Thursday Reading Series is happening, even if it can’t happen live. This month features a range of “open mic” videos followed by a featured reading by poet Jim Johnson. You can also read an interview with Jim about his work here. The Final Thursday Reading Series will be back in one form or another at the end of August. Let’s hope we can all meet back at the Hearst Center for the Arts then.

Open Mic

Kaitlyn Askelson, "The Old Man"

Sheila Benson, “Bagatelles”

Bill Chene, “Jazz”

Abigail Kraft, "Dear Dad"

Kayla Lawrence, "What's Florida Like?"

Alexis Meek, "Light as the Sun"

Jim O’Loughlin (performed with Ian O’Loughlin), “Alphabet Game”

Thea Schaff, "Fortuneless Cookie"

Alexsis Smith, "When Death Collects"

Daria Tessmer, "My New Normal"

Hannah Wiles, "Birdbrained Steve"


Featured Reader: Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson reads from his new collection, One Morning in June: Selected Poems (Red Dragonfly Press). Johnson is the author of nine other collections including The First Day of Spring in Northern Minnesota and Driving Gravel Roads: 50 Prose Poems. A former Poet Laureate of the city of Duluth, he now splits his time between Cedar Falls and Isabella, Minnesota.

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